Arctic or desert on demand

Imtech Automotive Testing Solutions develops, builds and operates worldwide state-of-the-art test stands and complete systems for the automotive and components industries as well as for the wind power, photovoltaic, medicine, pharmaceutics, biology, plastic, chemical, engineering and electronics industries.

The company offers advanced technical solutions for testing and simulating all relevant global environmental conditions, both for the development of new technologies and for quality tests.

Imtech test beds help to shorten development cycles for new products and technologies, give the customized answer to the newest product and test requirements and help to create more and more reproducible test facilities.

Decades of experience and the highest technical standards formed the basis and consolidated many years of successful cooperation with the most reputable automotive manufactures, system suppliers and key-companies of various industries in the world.


  • Optimisation of quality and costs in product development
  • Shortened product development cycles integrating a wide range of testing
  • Good reproducibility due to high-precision system technology
  • Minimisation of facility investment costs through standardisation and subassembly production but still at tailor-made technical level.