Futureproof power plant and energy solutions

Imtech offers progressive concepts to resolve today's and tomorrow's centralised strategic issues in the energy supply sector.

The Imtech competence centre Power Systems, based in Planegg near Munich, provides a unique service offering when it comes to planning, project design and complete construction of future-proof power plants. Independent of manufacturers‘ interests and with no product ties, Imtech plans, constructs, operates and finances individual and tailor-made power plant solutions, with a comprehensive range of services. With an offering suitable for power plants of up to medium size, Imtech satisfies the criteria for local, close-to-consumer energy centres which conserve resources, for industry, cities and municipalities, regional providers and private investors.

Sustainable technologies and systems

We develop custom solutions in close collaboration with the company‘s internal research and development department. In doing so we consider the sustainability of the installed technology and take into account the CO2 emissions generated as energy is supplied. Using our technical capabilities and years of experience in buildings and energy technology Imtech offers its customers innovative solutions for economic investments and optimised overall systems.

Our services:

  • Energy Conception
  • Planning
  • Construction and Installation
  • Management
  • Operation and Service
  • Optimisation

We construct the following facilities and power plants:

  • Power plants and cogeneration plants with an electrical output of up to approx. 100 MW
  • Boiler plants for process heat and space heating
  • Facilities with cogeneration units
  • Power plant components and systems


Combined heat and power and energy technology are a tradition in our company.


Company founder Rudolph Otto Meyer designed and constructed a combined heat and power plant in Hamburg back in 1888, which also supplied the City Hall with energy. A plant to generate electricity and heat was installed in the Vatican City in 1932.